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Tax Services

Bassler & Redick CPAs, LLC provides a range of tax services. We understand that preparing taxes can be time-consuming and challenging, and our accountants are here to help take away the stress of tax season. Our accountants have studied the tax code and are equipped to prepare your tax returns.

We provide tax services for individuals, partnerships, small businesses, corporations, LLCs, estates, and trusts. Our services include tax preparation, tax planning, estate planning, and gift tax returns.

Bookkeeping Services

The accountants at Bassler & Redick CPAs, LLC have experience and expertise in bookkeeping. Our staff is prepared to help your business with its accounting functions such as record journals, post general ledgers, reconcile bank statements, and prepare W-2 and 1099 forms.

Our accountants also provide personal bookkeeping services. If you need assistance managing your personal finances and paying bills, our accountants can help.

Payroll Services

In addition to providing your company with bookkeeping services, Bassler & Redick CPAs, LLC offers payroll resources. Our accountants prepare payroll tax returns and provide paycheck management services. Our Senior Staff Accountants each have over ten years of experience using QuickBooks.

Advisory Services

Bassler & Redick CPAs, LLC offers advisory services that go beyond tax preparation and bookkeeping. Our advisory services consist of proactive tax and business advice. Bassler & Redick CPAs, LLC offers advisory services such as quarterly tax planning, new business plans for SBA loans, income shifting, accounting system configuration, entity structure, buy-build-lease analysis, cash flow planning, and more.