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Our firm works a bit differently. A tax return is the result of critical
planning. Our passion is helping people maximize their post -
tax net worth. While cost is a consideration, we start our client
relationships by learning about your goals, discussing your
business and life, and considering potential advisory services you may
need. We don’t just prepare tax returns. We want an ongoing relationship
throughout the year so we can be proactive rather than reactive.
We are a paperless office and require use of our client web portal. We
have staff in Anchorage, Las Vegas, Toronto and Cali.
An introductory meeting with Kort typically takes one hour and is only
done on ZOOM. There is no charge for the introductory meeting and no
tax or business advice will be provided.
As far as cost goes: All first-year tax returns have an initial setup fee
that starts at $500. Our tax rate is $225 per hour and returns start at
$575. This means for the most basic return, the first-year fee is
$500+575+225= $1,300.
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